Experiencing a fire or flood in your own home can be a painful and emotionally difficult experience to manage effectively.


After visits from the insurance man and post damage organisations, one can feel worn out and confused and unable to understand or follow through with the necessary procedures.

DANAÏS makes sure that on our visit to the damaged site we assist you in every way possible in order to minimise the emotional distress and seriously look at the clean-up and renovation job ahead.



Under hygrometric control

Drying out


Clean up




The visit by our specialists to the damaged property is of great importance in determining the work to be done.


Our specialists find, measure and quantify the presence of existing ash or damp in the building.


We examine in great detail and with great care the entirety of your home or work place including rooms, cupboards, attics, basements, desks, warehouses...


This allows us to evaluate the extent and degree of damage and use clean-up and repair methods specific to the damaged site..


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