Based on the principle that a buyer makes up his mind in the first 90 seconds of his viewing, these first moments must constitute a unique and exceptional experience. It is important to seduce at first sight.

HOME STAGING began in the 70s in the United States.

It is the art of staging and showingyour home with the intention of selling or renting it.

First a property has to be made visually attractive so that you can capture the imagination of potential buyers as they view your home. This way they can visualise how they will decorate each room and imagine themselves living in their new home.


It's been 8 months...

You are still unable to complete the sale or rental of your property.


Your future projects may be compromised or even cancelled...


Prospects for the future look dim...




Give up dreading the next potential buyer's visit. Make them fall in love with your property at first sight!


The cost of HOME STAGING is minimal in relation to your sale price as you will be able to sell your property twice as quickly and avoid expensive and lengthly negotiations.


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