DANAÏS are specialists in cleaning up homes after damage from fire or water damage. We have been operating in Ile de France and particularly in Essonne and Yvelines regions for ten years, renovating both houses and apartments from floor to ceiling.


DANAÏS has always placed its clients interests first paying special attention to their needs and expectations.


Whilst our expert teams work within the parameters of this very precise craft we are also able to work according to your budget. At DANAÏS, a successful renovation project meets both these criteria.


This year DANAÏS is launching its HOME STAGING


Owners are finding it increasingly difficult to rent or sell their properties in this current economical climate, which is why HOME STAGING has become a popular and cost efficient way to shift homes quickly.


Our Objective

To help you present your property to potential buyers as a true "love at first sight" experience within the first 90 seconds of their visit.


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